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Email Marketing


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Include Social Media
Invite your contacts to spread the word with Facebook and Twitter buttons. When shared, they’ll link to a web version of your email.
Personalize Your Emails
Easily auto-populate emails with your recipients’ names! It’s sure to capture their attention and could even increase responses.
Add Images
Engage your email recipients with images. They’re a great way to show off your work, products and even your employees.
Receive Credit Card Payments
Sell your products and services or collect donations and contributions with PayPal™.
Create Coupons
Give customers a great deal to make sure they return. Our coupons will make sure your offers stand out.
Schedule Message Delivery
When you complete an email campaign, send it right away or schedule it to send at a specific time.
Track Your Campaigns
Our tracking and reporting tools make it easy to measure the success of your campaigns. You’ll see who opened and responded to your email.

PLUS, Manage Your Contacts

Upload your contacts fast and keep them organized in one place.
Create groups to target customers and send emails tailored to their interests.
We’ll make Quick Lists to keep your Top Openers, Recent Subscribers and other groups at your fingertips.
Packages start at £4.99 after FREE trial. Get Started

Why can’t I use email marketing with my existing email client?

Two of the most important parts of email marketing are deliverability and measurable results. Email marketing regulations can make it hard for an individual to deliver emails to a contact list. We have the relationships in place to ensure that you will experience superior deliverability. If you use your current email client, not only will you struggle with deliverability due to SPAM blockers and junk filters, but you will also have no visibility into how your emails are performing. Our powerful and easy-to-use reporting tools allow you to track the performance of each campaign, so you can refine your approach and improve your return on investment. In addition, our Email Builder allows you to build professional quality campaigns which can be delivered easily through our intuitive contact management tools.

How does the free trial work?

During the free trial, you can design and send campaigns to your complete contact list. The FREE Trial offer lasts for one month. If you cancel before the trial ends, you will have paid nothing and will owe nothing. To cancel, simply call us (toll-free) at or visit your dashboard for a self cancellation option. The package fee will only be charged when the FREE trial offer period ends, and will be charged monthly to the credit or debit card used for your order.

Can my Email Marketing campaigns match my business cards and/or website?

Yes! Many of our Email Marketing templates have been designed to match our business cards and websites. So, for almost any business card or website you purchase, we can provide you with an Email Marketing template that will give you a professional and consistent brand image. Once you’ve selected a matching design, use our free Email Builder to customize your campaign to reflect your business identity. You can also keep campaigns fresh for your customers. Our design tools let you create custom campaigns with ease so you can vary your message seasonally, send promotions or create online versions of your postcards.

How do I edit my Email Marketing campaigns?

Editing an Email Marketing campaign is simple using our Email Builder. Once you checkout with an Email Marketing subscription, you will be given a link to your Email Marketing Dashboard. This is where you will find your account information and resource centre, as well as tools to help manage and track your contacts and campaigns. From the Dashboard, you’ll click on a link that takes you into the Vistaprint Email Builder. This easy-to-use tool makes it possible for you to create a professional-quality Email Marketing campaign in under an hour – and no technical skills are required!

Do I need Email Marketing experience?

Absolutely not! Our Email Marketing tools were designed to make creating an email campaign a seamless process. You can add text, images and other content to your campaign easily without any prior email design experience. Before you know it you’ll be creating campaigns like a professional.

How long does it take to create an Email Marketing campaign?

We'll immediately create your Email Marketing account when you begin your subscription. After that, you can use our Email Builder to customize Email Marketing campaigns. A great-looking, professional-quality campaign can be created in under an hour!

What internet browsers does my website support?

All major internet browsers will be able to view your site. You’ll be able to edit your site in the Vistaprint SiteBuilder using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Does it matter if I’m on a Mac or PC?

No. You can use a Mac or a PC to create campaigns with our Email Builder as long as you use Internet Explorer or FireFox.

I already have a Vistaprint Website. Can I integrate it with my Email Marketing subscription?

Yes! Easily upload contacts from your website contact form to quickly build your Email Marketing contact list and start sending targeted campaigns.

I already have a list of contacts. Can I add them to my Email Marketing subscription?

Yes! Whether you keep track of contacts in a spreadsheet, guestbook or another document, you can easily upload your existing contacts or enter them manually.

Can I change my design after I start my Email Marketing subscription?

Yes! The design you choose in our gallery will just be your default selection. You have the option to select from hundreds of designs in our gallery to present a different look for each campaign.

How do I know if my Email Marketing campaigns are successful?

It’s easy! Our powerful and easy-to-use reporting tools allow you to track all the important metrics from each campaign. You can see a snapshot of your campaign’s success, or dig deeper to view how each contact responded to your campaign.

How often can I send to my contact list?

We allow you to send to your contact list up to six times per month, which is in-line with industry best practices for mailing frequency.

Can I purchase a list?

No, email marketing campaigns must only be sent to contacts that have chosen to receive your emails. Please read our terms of use for additional details.

Will my list of contacts be private?

Yes! Once you have added contacts, we will store all your information securely. This information is accessible to you only, and will never be rented, shared, or sold.

What is your spam policy?

We have a no tolerance spam policy. Please read our terms of use for additional details.

How do I cancel my account?

Canceling your account is easy. To cancel, simply visit the ‘Account Details’ tab of the Websites Dashboard and click ‘Cancel Account’.