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Business Card Stickers


Business Card Stickers

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  Qty Price
  1 sheet of 10 £3.99    
  2 sheets of 10 £7.99    
  3 sheets of 10 £11.99    
  4 sheets of 10 £15.99    
  5 sheets of 10 £19.99    
  10 sheets of 10 £36.99    
  20 sheets of 10 £69.99    
  30 sheets of 10 £104.99    
  40 sheets of 10 £139.99    
  50 sheets of 10 £169.99    
  100 sheets of 10 £299.99    
  200 sheets of 10 £599.99    
Matte Sticker Stock
Glossy Sticker Stock
Logo Design
Uploaded logo/photo/design

* If you place an order with an upload, there is a one-time fee per uploaded image. After the initial fee, you can continue to use that particular image in other products of successive orders at no further cost. You may incur additional fees if your order contains multiple free products.

Create a Matching Set!

Matching sets make it easy to create a coordinated look on a small budget!
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Document Trim Size


87 x 49 mm
1028 x 579 pixels


49 x 87 mm
579 x 1028 pixels

Full Bleed Size


90 x 52 mm
1063 x 615 pixels


52 x 90 mm
615 x 1063 pixels
Finished artwork extend to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.

Paper Stock:

Self-sticking; printed and delivered in sheets. Also available in glossy.
Full Bleed
Safe Margin
Bleed Area
Full Bleed Size (starting document size)
90 x 52 mm
1062 x 615 pixels
* Finished artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for best results.
Document Trim Size (final size after being cut)
87 x 49 mm
1028 x 579 pixels
* Please be sure to keep all text and photos within the safe cutting margin.
300 DPI