Sticker Singles

Turn your logo into a fresh giveaway.
• Best for handouts & events
• Durable plastic with easy peel-off tab 
• 3 shapes
• Quantities from 50 to 5,000
Let us help you with your design
Size (Horizontal = W x H : Vertical = H x W)
12 x 10 cm
5 x 5 cm
6 x 6 cm
10.5 x 7.4 cm (A7)
7.4 x 5.3 cm (A8)
10 x 10 cm
10 x 12 cm
10 x 5 cm
15 x 7.5 cm
7 x 7 cm
8 x 8 cm
9 x 9 cm
Anti-scratch varnish
White Plastic
Transparent Plastic
Label type
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First impressions are good. Lasting impressions are better.
Looking for an easy way to get remembered long after your next trade show, event or customer interaction? Hand out single custom stickers that show off your name and business logo. Each of our kiss-cut sticker singles comes individually cut, and an oversized, die-cut backing makes it easy to peel off the sticker and put it to work. Crisp, four-colour printing makes your design pop off the premium white glossy or transparent plastic – and the durable, water-resistant material stands up to use on paper bags, laptops, water bottles and more. And with quantities as low as 50 stickers available, you can test drive a new, bold approach to your branding – or customise your kiss-cut sticker with event-specific information or a seasonal design without worrying about excess inventory.
Are sticker singles right for you?
Vistaprint offers custom stickers for every budget and need. Check out each option below.

Sticker Singles

Best for giveaways & events 

• Quantities of 50 to 5,000
• 1 material: plastic
• 1 colour: white
• Indoor use 
• Water-resistant

roll label

Roll Labels

Best for high-quantity use

• Quantities of 100 to 5,000
• 2 materials: paper, plastic
• 2 colours: white, transparent
• Indoor use
• Water-resistant options

Sheet Stickers

Sheet Stickers

Best for low- to mid-quantities 

• Quantities of 4 to 4,800
• 1 material: paper
• 1 colour: white
• Indoor use


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the sticker easy to peel off the backing?
A: Yes. The peel-off, die-cut backing is larger than the sticker itself, which provides a border around the sticker. That makes it easy to hold onto the backing and pull off the sticker. Please note that our circle stickers come on over-sized square backings.

Q: Any tips for applying my sticker to a surface?
For best results, we recommend that you apply your sticker single to a clean, smooth and dry surface. Once the sticker is on your item, it will stay there (and look great) even if it comes in contact with liquids – but when you’re putting the sticker on that item, it’s important that the item’s surface is dry.

Q: How durable are kiss-cut plastic stickers?
Quite! Our water-resistant plastic stickers are great options for products that contain (or are exposed to) oil and lubricants.

Q: Can I order a few samples?
A: Unfortunately, we can't ship samples before you purchase – at least, not right now. But we’re happy to offer quantities as low as 50. You can start with a low-quantity order and then easily reorder a larger batch. 

Q: Which delivery options are there? 
A: You can choose between 4-, 6- or 10-day options at checkout.

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