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Appointment Cards

Appointment Cards
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Help your customers remember their next appointment.
  • Start on time and stay on schedule.
  • Handy size fits easily into any wallet.
  • Thousands of options for back of card.

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  Qty Price
Deluxe Glossy Deluxe Matte Deluxe Linen  
  100 £19.99   £29.98   £25.98   £28.98    
  250 £19.99   £33.98   £31.98   £29.98    
  500 £29.99   £45.98   £43.98   £41.98    
  1000 £39.99   £60.98   £57.98   £54.98    
  1500 £44.99   £66.98   £63.98   £60.98    
  2000 £49.99   £72.98   £69.98   £66.98    
  2500 £54.99   £80.98   £76.98   £72.98    
  5000 £79.99   £107.98   £103.98   £99.98    
  10000 £159.98   £215.96   £207.96   £199.96    
Deluxe Matte
Premium Recycled 270 g/m²
Deluxe Linen
Deluxe Glossy
Blank Reverse Side
Black & White Reverse Side
Colour Reverse Side
Uploaded logo/photo/design
Logo Design
Metal Business Card Holder

* If you place an order with an upload, there is a one-time fee per uploaded image. After the initial fee, you can continue to use that particular image in other products of successive orders at no further cost. You may incur additional fees if your order contains multiple free products.

Create a Matching Set!

Matching sets make it easy to create a coordinated look on a small budget!
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Document Trim Size

85 x 55 mm
1004 x 650 pixels

Full Bleed Size

88 x 58 mm
1039 x 685 pixels
Finished artwork extend to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.

Paper Stock:

Our guide makes it easy to choose the right paper for your cards.

Matte Stock
Get your message out there with this new and improved base stock.

Deluxe Matte
350 gsm card stock with a UV matte front, silk-coated back and a durable feel. Matte varnish has a rich texture for a classic and elegant look. Best for lighter colours and is easy to write on.

Deluxe Glossy
350 gsm cardstock with a UV glossy front, silk-coated back and a durable feel. Gloss adds a shine and more vibrant colour. Best for photos and colourful designs.

Standard Glossy
235 gsm cardstock with a glossy front and uncoated back. Adds richness and depth to your design and logo.

Standard Matte
300 gsm cardstock with silk-coated front and back. Great for readability and easy to write on.

Deluxe Linen
280 gsm cardstock crafted from fine Italian paper and uncoated on both sides. This unique woven texture adds a vintage look to your card and is best for designs with less ink coverage.